Networking, exchange and promotion

Women entrepreneurs network for the agricultural sector meets for the first time in Berlin

Although it was the third meeting of the DBV’s women entrepreneurs network, it was the first time the participants met in person. Close to 20 senior executives in the agricultural sector came to the Haus der Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft in Berlin from all over Germany to network, inspire and exchange experiences.

In times of shortage of skilled labour, companies in all sectors are desperate for good employees and executives. Sectors that are successful in promoting the advancement of women have a clear advantage here. In the case of agriculture and forestry, the latest figures show that the proportion of female executives is below 20 per cent. This was good enough reason for President of the German Farmers’ Association Joachim Rukwied to call this meeting in Berlin, to address this important issue.

The discussions and a session with CDU deputy leader Silvia Breher and agricultural entrepreneur Dr Antje Eckel centred on important structural changes and ideas that would help promote women in the agricultural sector. The three decisive factors for success in the working world of the future are more openness, flexibility and the appropriate organisation of work. The option of a gender quota should also be considered at this point. At the end of the event, the women entrepreneurs defined a concrete list of things to do for the association.

Participants across the board attested that the meeting was both inspiring and valuable, and hoped that is would be repeated soon.