Nutrition expert awarded renowned research prize

Henneberg-Lehmann-Prize 2020 goes to Professor Markus Rodehutscord. Sponsorship prize for Dr Katrin Gerlach—Dr Bernhard Eckel gives laudation

At the 74th conference of the Society of Nutritional Physiology, this year’s research prizes by the Henneberg-Lehmann-Foundation were awarded on March 3. The award ceremony, which was again supported by Dr. Eckel, took place in the festive atmosphere of the Alte Aula (Old Assembly Hall) of the Georg-August-University of Göttingen.

In close cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Göttingen, the Henneberg-Lehmann-Foundation together with the German Association Tiernahrung e. V. (DVT) honours outstanding and worthy of support research in the field of animal nutrition and feed science.

This year, the foundation’s board of trustees, to which Dr Bernhard Eckel is a member, awarded the main prize to Professor Dr Markus Rodehutscord, head of the Department of Animal Nutrition at the University of Hohenheim. The prizes for young scientists were awarded to PD Dr Josef Gross (Department of Veterinary Physiology, University of Bern), Dr Fenja Klevenhusen (German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, BfR) and Dr Katrin Gerlach (Institute of Animal Sciences, University of Bonn). In his laudatory speech for Dr Gerlach, Dr Bernhard Eckel specifically highlighted her achievements in linking feed with the animals’ response to their different qualities. This practical-agricultural as well as physiological research work is in the special tradition of Johann Wilhelm Julius Henneberg, who gave the research prize its name.

Dr. Eckel warmly congratulates all prize winners.


Photo (from left to right):

Professor Dr Henner Simianer (University of Göttingen), Dr Bernhard Eckel (Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition), Professor Dr Markus Rodehutscord, Dr Katrin Gerlach, PD Dr Josef Gross, Professor Dr Hans Schenkel (University of Hohenheim) , Professor Dr Jürgen Hummel (University of Göttingen, Dr Fenja Klevenhusen.

(Credits: P. Radewahn / DVT)