Intensive exchange of views—the digital way

Dr. Eckel hosts International Ecknowlogy® webinar

How do you get important information to customers if you can’t visit them? You cannot help but contemplate this in times when travel is restricted, especially if you happen to be a field representative or technical sales manager. Customer contact used to be mostly face to face. Nowadays, this takes place mostly while seated at our respective desks. At the same time, it is precisely the systemically important business segments, which include our sector and customers, that depend on this critical element of our daily work proceeding as smoothly as possible.

Consequently, Dr. Eckel is also breaking new ground when exchanging views with customers and partners. Indeed, the latest test results of Anta®Phyt, our multiple award-winning phytogenic additive, were presented in the first International Ecknowlogy® Webinar. After Team Manager Dr Michael Wilhelm introduced the online event, Technical Sales Manager Anne Möddel presented the trial results and fielded numerous questions from the more than 40 participants from 12 countries. Dr Bernhard Eckel, Vice President Sales, too was impressed with the level of participation. More webinars for partners and customers are planned.

The success of the first webinar shows that although site visits are invaluable, today’s accelerated digitisation also has its advantages. These primarily include a higher information transfer rate, a richer and more interactive exchange of views at the international level and more environmentally friendly habits due to a reduced amount of travel.