Feed for the ‘villa hens’

Retirement home happy about feed supply for its feathered residents

“Our three villa hens will soon be out of feed. Can you help us?” This emergency call from our neighbourhood came in late last week—from Villa Romantica, the retirement home in Niederzissen, to be precise.

In ordinary circumstances, a helpful neighbour would have provided the appropriate feed for Berta, Henriette and Michaela. However, due to the current coronavirus measures, the pensioner is presently unable to deliver it. In view of the emptying feed bucket, Nadja Schwank, Head of Social Services at Villa Romantica, had to seek another solution. Fortunately, one that was quickly found. After all, good neighbours and friends like to help each other. So our Sales Manager Sven Brenner got straight to work and, just two phone calls and a trip to the local supplier later, delivered two bags of grain feed to the retirement home, always keeping the required social distance, of course. The two donated 25 kg sacks will last the three hens a few months.

“Our hens also enjoy lettuce scraps and the occasional portion of spaghetti (cooked without salt),” says Nadja Schwank. “But naturally, when all is said and done, they need the proper feed. It’s comforting to know that we have enough feed in stock again.”

We are happy to have helped the home and the hens, and wish both the residents and carers all the best, that they stay healthy and strong, and that they come through these difficult times well!