Strengthen shrimp against salinity stress

Shrimp are sensitive to sudden changes in water salinity (salinity stress). This can lead to increased mortality, loss of appetite, cannibalism and increased susceptibility to infection. A frequent cause is heavy rainfall, which decreases the number of ions (e.g. calcium, magnesium) per litre of water and also affects water hardness (alkalinity). Shrimp have natural mechanisms

Meeting up in Taipei for APA18

Dr. Eckel experts presented study on Anta®Ox FlavoSyn effects at this year’s Asian Pacific Aquaculture conference in Taiwan.

Dr. Eckel on the road

Dr. Eckel is conducting a roadshow together with Philippine partner F.J. Wegon Animal Health, Inc., to promote flagship products Anta®Ox, Anta®Phyt and PreAcid this week.