Meeting up in Taipei for APA18

From 23rd to 26th of April, this year’s Asian Pacific Aquaculture conference took place at the Taipei International Center. Organised by the Asian Pacific Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society and hosted by National Taiwan Ocean University, the event saw international exhibitors, experts in aquaculture and professionals from the industry come together for three days full of discussions and discoveries. Latest research was presented in special sessions and workshops covering all aspects of aquaculture in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, such as marine and freshwater fish culture, nutrition, aqua feed, and food safety.

Dr. Eckel took part in the »Functional Feed Ingredients for Aqua Feed« session, where Technical Sales Manager and aquaculture expert Alex Diana presented how Dr. Eckels phytogenic feed additive Anta®Ox FlavoSyn improves harvest volumes of red nile tilapia due to higher survival rates. The study he presented showed how the positive effects of Anta®Ox FlavoSyn can lead to better animal health and profitability even in already high standard environments.

After the success last year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the choice of Taiwan as host country for APA18 was apt. With more than 300 years of aquaculture practice, the country proudly looks back at a long and successful history in this field. In fact, finfish culture in Taiwan can be traced back as far as the 15th century. In the 1930s, Taiwan already had an annual aquaculture production of about 20,000 tons due to suitable environmental conditions. Today, more than 300,000 tons are accounted for aquaculture production in the total fisheries produced, according to the Taiwan Fisheries Agency. Of the cultured species, tilapia lead in production volume with over 70,000 tons, followed by milkfish and grouper.

Next year, the APA will be held in Chennai, India.


Abstract of the presentation can be read here: