Introducing Dr. Eckel’s new pioneers

Dr. Eckel has established a new management team as part of its innovation strategy and restructuring process. “Innovation requires pioneers: people with knowledge, good ideas, the boldness to break new ground and also great sensitivity to people and the environment,” says Dr Antje Eckel, who has appointed nine managers from various departments as team managers.

Michael Wilhelm manages the Technical Sales team. The chemist joined Dr. Eckel immediately after receiving his doctorate from the Technical University of Munich. He particularly values the diverse aspects of his work and his key role in collaborating with customers, distributors and all the company’s departments. As a product expert, he always keeps the customer benefits and market needs in mind, especially when developing new and existing products and solutions. He translates technical expertise into comprehensible applications and benefits for partners and colleagues worldwide – often directly on-site.

His innate communication skills, openness and flexibility, as well as his proverbial German thoroughness and reliability are features that will stand him in good stead, both professionally at Dr. Eckel and in Cologne, his adopted home (he is originally from the Allgäu). In his free time, he likes to see the results of, and get feedback on, the new recipes he cooks for family and friends, and participate in running events.