Change of managing director

Dr. Eckel enlarges management board

Dr. Eckel enlarges management board

Dr Viktor Eckel is the new Managing Director for products and innovation 

Antje Eckel is particularly pleased about this development and emphasises the importance of future-proofing the company. “Our family business is all about the innovative additives that are produced here in Germany.” Dr. Eckel is already in a fantastic position with great products to meet the current challenges of a growing international market. By bringing a second generation to the management table, the company is making a decisive step towards being able to continue to provide this for the customers of today and tomorrow.

Viktor Eckel is setting out his priorities clearly: sustainability, resilience and resource efficiency. “When it was founded 30 years ago, Dr. Eckel was among the first companies backing plant-based alternatives. We recognised at an early stage how important they are for promoting animal health and well-being and pursued a more sustainable approach from the outset. This commitment remains at the core of our philosophy today.”  

Thanks to many years of working with phytogenics, Dr. Eckel has the experience to release the full potential of plant-based ingredients in its products and guarantee optimum bioavailability, efficient processing and reliable performance. Viktor Eckel believes that this is the key for feed manufacturers and producers in Germany and worldwide to achieve high-resistance, resource-efficient and profitable production. “Offering our customers the best solutions and services for this now and in the future is an amazing, exciting role that I and the rest of the team are very much looking forward to.”   

Viktor Eckel has already been playing a decisive role in the development of the brand and the positioning of the family business for the future since 2020. As a biochemist with a doctorate in microbiology, he has broad expertise in feed fermentation and physiology, putting him in an excellent position to continue developing the Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition portfolio and progress the market for feed additives.

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