Beat the heat

What layers, broilers and other birds need to conquer heat stress

Heat stress is a common problem for poultry, turkeys and other birds. Unable to regulate their body temperature effectively in hot environments, they suffer greatly from high temperatures, especially in combination with high humidity. Reduced feed intake, dehydration and heat stroke are only a few of the health issues related to heat stress, often resulting in lower production, poorer quality and a higher number of deaths. One way to support poultry during heat stress is to provide them with access to cool, fresh water. This is also the best means to administer supplements that will give extra support to the animals.

Why is heat stress so damaging?

Heat stress occurs when the animals’ body cannot regulate its temperature anymore to prevent overheating. It is a problem that very often occurs in high-performing livestock and has gained severity with the ongoing climate change. When an animal’s body overheats, it tries to cool down, for instance by way of sweating. Birds like poultry do not possess the same ability to sweat as mammals do, they mainly regulate their body temperature through panting. But if the outside air is already hot, this is barely effective, and they still lose significant amounts of water through rapid respiration. This can easily lead to dehydration and an imbalance in vital electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. Normal physical functions don’t work properly anymore, the immune system is weakened and birds become vulnerable to pathogens that they would normally be able to resist.

In addition to adjustments in management and housing conditions, additives are invaluable in improving the comfort, health and welfare of animals in high temperatures and ensuring their performance. Here it is particularly important that they are applied accurately and can act quickly. That is why MagPhyt WS was developed.

Triple effective against heat stress

MagPhyt WS helps the birds to cope with the effects of heat stress. The secret behind MagPhyt WS’ fast and reliable relief lies in the unique triple complex of vitamin C, magnesium and selected plant extracts.

First of all, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help to reduce oxidative stress in the body. When birds are exposed to high temperatures, they do not only suffer from heat. Their body also produces more free radicals. Those are real troublemakers which can do a lot of harm to an organism by damaging cells and tissues. This is nothing to trifle with! In chicken, for instance, this can lead to a wide range of symptoms, from severe appetite and weight loss to abnormal or even aggressive behaviour to digestive issues, poor growth and higher susceptibility to illnesses. Vitamin C is among the best agents to help neutralize these free radicals, thereby reducing the risk of cellular damage.

Second, magnesium plays an important role in regulating body temperature, and it is also involved in the production of energy. During periods of high heat, birds require more energy to maintain their body temperature and stay hydrated. Magnesium supplementation can support this increased energy demand. MagPhyt WS has one of the best magnesium sources of all: Mg citrate is highly bioavailable, which means they can be easily absorbed from the digestive system and used by the cells and tissues in the body.

And third, phytogenics, also known as plant-based additives. They have a number of beneficial effects on poultry performance and health. One of the ways that phytogenics can support poultry during heat stress is by helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation. MagPhyt WS has extra phytogenic components that make it more than just an ordinary magnesium-based stress relief: Liquorice root and the additional stress component lavender. Liquorice has long been known for its immune-supporting effects, while Lavender contains a number of compounds with calming effects on the nervous system. For hundreds of years, humans have been using it as a strong and effective stress relief. Its soothing scent and its distinctive taste add up to a unique combination of fast and natural support.

See it, smell it, taste it

MagPhyt WS is a novelty. A high-speed antistress agent whose effect you can not only see, but also taste and smell. And so can your animals. The product’s white powder has been carefully manufactured to dissolve immediately and distribute evenly in the water. Once dissolved, the calming scent of lavender fills the air while the anti-stress ingredients do their work. The animals appreciate the fresh taste and will soon visibly calm down. There is no need for feed replacements or changes. It can be safely used, as long as the usual and, especially at high temperatures, necessary hygiene procedures are followed in the drinking system.


Choose MagPhyt WS now to help birds maintaining their health and productivity even in challenging environments and hot temperatures. Get in touch with our experts for more information.