Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition is TOP Innovator 2023

Family business receives prestigious Mittelstand award for success in innovation Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition is one of the most innovative Mittelstand companies in Germany, as the TOP 100 seal of approval the company has now been awarded attests. The TOP 100 Innovator award is based on a scientific selection process and only awarded to particularly innovative SMEs. In

The German Mittelstand. A success factor

Germany’s ‘Mittelstand’ enjoys a good reputation and serves as a role model worldwide. US author Alan Crawford calls it the ‘mighty Mittelstand’ in the April issue of the European edition of Businessweek. He managed to identify a silver lining, despite the difficult economic times. But what distinguishes the Mittelstand in Germany? By Prof. Friederike Welter

Don’t go without

Why phytogenic feed additives will play a major role in tomorrow‘s food production Strong market pressure is being applied to align livestock farming with the concept of clean, green and ethical. In this concept, “clean” stands for reduced use of chemicals (e.g. hormones, drugs, antibiotics) and relates to reducing the risk of antibiotic resistance. “Green”

The real value of innovation in the additives business

We may know the monetary return on an additive investment. But what about the value of real innovation versus products that are mere copies? By Ioannis Mavromichalis   The need for driving innovation If we were to accept that additives add value into existing feeds, then we must ensure this value is true, measurable, profitable,

Securing the future: Profitable animal welfare

The one thing about the future that is certain is that it is uncertain. Still, this does not mean that we cannot or should not plan for it. The most pressing question in our industry is: Can we achieve food production that is at once sufficient, sustainable and profitable? The answer is: Yes, we can.

ASF: Phytogenic power for safe feed

Combating the spread of the African Swine Fever Virus is currently a top priority worldwide. The spread of the virus poses a serious challenge to pig production, with the threat of major losses. Biosecurity measures are designed to prevent the virus from entering the farm. But they must be comprehensive – and that includes transmission

PR and Communication at Dr. Eckel

As part of the Marketing Team at Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition, Andrea Dietrich is in charge of PR and Communication. In this video, she talks about her daily tasks and what makes her work so exciting. Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.Mehr erfahren Video laden YouTube immer entsperren