KENAFF-CEO to visit top German innovator

Discussions on sustainable feeding solutions and prospects for Kenyan farmers

Dr Antje Eckel, Founder and Managing Director of Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition and recently part of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s business delegation to Kenya, was delighted to welcome Dr Daniel Mwenda M’Mailutha, CEO of the Kenya Farmers’ Federation KENAFF, to the German headquarters for an exchange and inspiring conversation on the future of agriculture in Kenya and innovation in the feed industry. Kenya is Germany’s largest economic partner in East Africa. Two thirds of Kenya’s exports come from agriculture. As a promoter of the sustainability of agriculture in Kenya, the Kenya National Farmers’ Federation proved to be an exciting partner to discuss future strategies for sustainable nutrition and possible fields of cooperation.

Dr. Mwenda M’Mailutha stated that this meeting had provided great insight into approaches to tackle the headlong challenge of low productivity in dairy production, a primary agricultural sector driving Kenya’s economy. “The fact that farmers’ profitability is at the core of what Dr Eckel’s product represents resonates well with the course of KENAFF”, said he. “I am amazed at the different range of products on Dr Eckel’s website addressing many challenges facing animal production that are also peculiar to Kenya. Besides, I am fascinated by the array of awards of recognition in the industry.”

Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition has been known as one of the pioneers in the field of feed additives for almost 30 years. With its products, Dr. Eckel contributes to improving global nutrition and health and promotes animal welfare, sustainable consumption and production. The company offers both feeding solutions and technical knowledge about the role of feed in successful animal husbandry. With these solutions, farmers can reduce the use of medicines, thus saving on drugs and avoiding resistances. They can protect their feed from spoilage, such as mould, improve the health of their animals and ensure that the animals get more nutrients from the feed, which means less feed loss and fewer emissions. This efficient use of resources makes production both more sustainable and more economical, and improves the overall quality of the products. A clear benefit for both local consumers and the export business.

“We are very grateful that Dr M’Mailutha took the time to stop by Dr. Eckel during his trip to Germany,” says Antje Eckel. “KENAFF does an admirable job of supporting farmers in all aspects of their business to improve their productivity, profitability and resilience. We would love to be able to assist agriculture in Kenya and other African countries in the future to a greater extent.”