Dr. Eckel invests in expansion of aquaculture facility

Dr. Eckel’s aquaculture facility for feeding trials at the company headquarters in Niederzissen has been in operation since 2012. Since it is the only producer of feed additives with its own trial facility for fish and crustaceans in Germany, it can test new feed concepts and product innovations on site. This will in future be even faster and more flexible. Trial capacity has doubled due to the installation of new aquaria. New, powerful filter systems enable more intensive feeding with realistic growth rates in both fresh and salt water.

“The larger facility has made testing our products and driving innovation faster and more flexible,” explains Tilman Wilke, Product Development Team Manager. “We can conduct larger trials and immediately adjust them if necessary. This enables us to further improve the quality of our products and to tailor them even more specifically to the needs of our customers.”

The new aquaculture facility in Niederzissen came into operation last month and currently houses 1,500 tilapia.