Aquatic Asia Conference 2017: Dr. Eckel talks about feed preservation in modern aquaculture production

On March 14, right before VIV Asia 2017, experts in animal nutrition from all over the world gather to get information on the latest trends in aquaculture technology at the Aquatic Asia Conference in Bangkok. The topics presented at the one-day conference are biosecurity, quality of feed and water treatment in Pond and Recirculation Systems.


An expert from Dr. Eckel, Alex Diana (Technical Sales Manager, Asia), will give an exciting lecture on “Feed preservation and further effects of new generation acidifiers on aquaculture productions”. The presentation gives the audience exclusive insights on the use of acidifiers for feed preservation and the further effects on aquaculture productions. Dr. Eckel is involved in innovative research to face actual challenges of the market.


“I am very excited about the presentations at the Aquatic Asia Conference and I am looking forward to the opportunity to show the audience how innovative research and products of Dr. Eckel tackle the challenges of modern aquaculture production.” says Alex Diana, Technical Sales Manager at Dr. Eckel in Asia.


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