Know-how and networking: Dr. Eckel’s first seminar for customers in Asia was a great success

Successful premiere in Hua Hin: following the VIV Asia 2017, Dr. Eckel held the first seminar for its customers in Asia from March 17 – 19. The exciting and diversified program offered the 55 participants from 15 different countries top-class lectures on innovative products and concepts, as well as suggestions and solutions for modern animal nutrition. In addition to the lecture program, there was plenty of room for a vivid exchange on the latest developments and challenges of Asian agriculture.

The international team of experts from Dr. Eckel was very pleased with the lively participation and the opportunity to get in touch with customers and partners. „We want to let our international customers know that we are continuously growing in Asia and that we get represented by an excellent team. The participants’ feedback was absolutely positive. Our customers and partners used the seminar to get new information and to exchange know-how and opinions. After the last three days, we are even more confident that our solutions and innovations fulfil the current needs of our customers and are state of the art,” said Andreas Lewke (Director Asia Dr. Eckel and moderator of the event).


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  • Challenges in animal nutrition in today’s marketplace (Mr. Chris Cobacha, Head Nutritionist, CDC Nutrition)
  • 3 future trends for aquaculture nutrition (Alex Diana, Technical Sales, Dr. Eckel)
  • Top 3 additives to replace antibiotics (Dr. Bernhard Eckel, Vice president, Dr. Eckel)
  • The beauty of phytogenics for the new era in animal nutrition (Yuwei Liao, Sales Manager, Dr. Eckel)
  • Discover the Glucofence Complex: The revolutionary prebiotic (Niku Moussavi Biuki, Product Development, Dr. Eckel)