GfE conference 2017: New data about positive effects of Anta® Ox

At the 71st conference of the German Society of Nutrition Physiology (GfE), which took place from March 14 – 16, researchers presented new data about the use of Anta® Ox.


Anta® Ox: dairy cow feeding trial provides evidence for efficacy

The research group of Prof. Klaus Eder from the University of Gießen, Germany, presented the latest results from a cow feeding trial with Anta® Ox (Dr. Eckel). The researchers had taken blood and liver samples of animals with and without Anta® Ox in their feed. Blood examination revealed that Anta® Ox was associated with less acute-phase proteins (a general inflammatory marker) in the peripheral blood. Using a genome-wide transcriptome analysis, the researchers discovered that in liver tissue of cows in the Anta® Ox group genes responsible for inflammation and stress-induced protein-unfolding were down-regulated. The researchers conclude that the phytogenic ingredients in Anta® Ox (flavonoids, polyphenols) might help to prevent liver-associated problems and to protect high milk yield during early lactation.


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