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Anta®Phyt: Stress relief for piglets

Starting on March 21st, Andreas Lewke, Managing Director of Dr. Eckel Thailand, will give a speech on the »Effect of hop extract on performance and behaviour«.

Animal welfare is a subject of rapidly increasing concern in most countries in the world. One of the important indicators for the well-being of animals are stress factors, which can cause behaviour changes like tail-biting. To support piglet producers with a measure in the feed, the product Anta®Phyt was developed. This feed additive combines the stress-relieving effect of hops with a highly bioavailable form of the anti-stress mineral magnesium.

The efficacy of Anta®Phyt was shown in a recent study with tail-docked and long-tail piglets at an independent state research center. By the calming effect, a reduced incidence and severity of tail-biting was achieved.

Additionally the supplementation enhanced the daily weight gain and feed consumption in both groups compared to the respective control. Anta®Phyt is thus a step forward to improve productivity and animal welfare at the same time.


Anta®Ox: Better health and performance in milk cows

On 22nd March at 9:25 a.m., Jaydip Sarkar, Sales Manager South Asia, will refer on the issue of inflammation in milk cows in his presentation »Phytogenic flavonoids influence gene expression in liver cells«.

The immune system activation caused by inflammation processes is an energy-demanding process. This results in a reallocation of nutrients and energy from growth and milk production. By an inhibition of inflammation, it can therefore be safely assumed that milk production is increased. Particularly for that purpose, the phytogenic feed additive Anta®Ox was created, which is rich in flavonoids that are well known for their anti-inflammatory effects in cows.

To reveal the underlying mechanism, a transcriptome analysis was conducted with liver and blood samples from Holstein cows during the transition period. Liver cells of cows fed with Anta®Ox showed less signs of inflammatory reaction and stress. In accordance with that, inflammation markers in the blood (acute phase proteins) were reduced. Consequently Anta®Ox inhibits inflammation and lowers the risk of liver associated diseases. Further, a significantly better milk performance was achieved: a clear benefit for the animal and the farmer.


CaPlus and PreAcid: Stable, all-natural and beating AGPs by a mile

Also on 22nd March, at 1:30 p.m., Dr. Eckel Country Manager Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Noel Cuyno, presents »Benefits of thermostable acidifiers combined with prebiotics in poultry nutrition«. The utilisation of acidifiers is an established tool in modern poultry nutrition to improve health and performance even without AGPs. However, the active principles of these acidifiers need to withstand the heat stress in the feed manufacturing processes. Recent studies have shown that the CaPlus acidifier complex was not affected even under extreme conditions (120 °C, 0.5 h + 105 °C, 0.5 h): there is no risk of losing active ingredients.

This thermostable acidifier complex was combined with the GlucoFence complex to create the prebiotic acidifier PreAcid. In a feeding trial at the University of Georgia, it increased villi height and crypt depth in the intestine of broilers also compared to an AGP. PreAcid therefore improves gut morphology and intestinal integrity, which is crucial for an efficient animal production.

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