Exciting glimpse of the future at the IGW

Traditionally, the International Green Week (IGW) in Berlin is a great opportunity for the industry and consumers to engage with each other and learn about the latest and most important innovations. Consumers increasingly demand information about their food’s origin. Yet, only with adequate background knowledge about animal production conditions, slaughtering and further processing, among other things, can customers make informed decisions that affect the entire value chain. The IGW is one of the most important dates on the industry’s calendar.

The Event Farm at the IGW, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, is a welcome opportunity for visitors, especially those from the urban population, to directly experience agriculture and reconcile their notion of rural life with reality. This year, visitors will not only perceive reality live, they will also experience it digitally: they can walk through and experience three farms using augmented reality.

Dr. Eckel is also at the IGW, seeking to engage with industry stakeholders and discuss the future of agriculture. The Green Week’s doors are open until 27 January. Our colleagues there look forward to further exciting encounters.