DVT Annual Conference 2017

At the annual conference of the German Association of Animal Nutrition (DVT), which took place between 28-29 September 2017 in Berlin, Dr. Eckel’s team took part as a sponsor with a small booth. The company was represented by Dr Sven Brenner (Sales Manager), Jacqueline Burger (Sales Manager), Dr Beatrice Meyer (Sales Manager) and Dr Elke Keßler (Technical Sales Manager).

In Berlin, the industry debated with politicians, representatives of public authorities and scientists on how to master global challenges sustainably at regional and local levels best. The lectures also provided Dr. Eckel with an excellent opportunity to obtain information on the latest developments in the industry, to grapple with recent changes to legal regulations, and to develop and maintain contacts, allowing Dr. Eckel to actively participate in the industry’s future.

The entire animal feed industry comes together at the DVT’s annual conference. This includes companies that produce, store and sell compound feed, mineral feed and straight feed for farm animals and domestic animals, as well producers of premixes and additives.