Dr. Eckel on the road

Dr. Eckel is conducting a roadshow together with Philippine partner F.J. Wegon Animal Health, Inc., to promote flagship products Anta®Ox, Anta®Phyt and PreAcid this week. Dr Bernhard Eckel, Head of Business Development and Sales, is particularly pleased that F.J.  Wegon has recruited local animal nutrition expert Dr Rommel C. Sulabo, Head of the Animal Nutrition Division, University of the Philippines Los Baños, to contribute to the show.

“Dr Sulabo will present valuable insights into, as well as an overview of, pig breeding in the Philippines,” said Bernhard Eckel. “We are very proud to have him on board.”

Noel Cuyno, Country Manager Philippines at Dr. Eckel, and Lauren Chua, Managing Director of F.J. Wegon, complete the team. The roadshow will start in Cebu City, Visayas on 29 January and proceed through Cagayan de Oro (30 January), Davao City (31 January) and General Santos (1 February), to end in Pampanga, Luzon on 2 February.

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