Dr. Eckel congratulates Prof. Siegfried Wolffram for winning the Henneberg-Lehmann Prize

The Henneberg-Lehmann Foundation awarded its grand prize and sponsorship awards at the 72nd conference of the Society for Nutritional Physiology (GfE) on the evening of 13 March. Dr. Eckel was one of the sponsors of the event this year. “As a company, we are aware of the importance of science for the nutrition of farm animals,” stresses Dr Bernhard Eckel, “and we are pleased to support the valuable work of the Foundation.”

The Foundation and the German Association for Animal Nutrition (DVT) organised the ceremony that was held in the old hall of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. In close collaboration with the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Göttingen, the annual Henneberg-Lehmann Prize is awarded for outstanding research in animal nutrition and animal feed science. The mandate of both the Foundation and the prize is to emphasise the essential importance of animal nutritional science for the animal feed industry.

This year, the Foundation’s board of trustees, which includes Dr Bernhard Eckel, decided to award the grand prize to Prof. Siegfried Wolffram, head of the Institute for Animal Nutrition and Metabolic Physiology at Kiel University.

In addition, Dr Denise Gessner from the University of Giessen and Associate Professors Dr Anne Mößeler and Dr Mirja Rosmarie Wilkens from the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover received sponsorship awards for their work. For the first time, a special prize was awarded to Dr Wolfgang Staudacher for his contributions to the practical application of animal nutritional science this year.

Dr. Eckel extends its most sincere congratulations to all winners.