Dhaka (Bangladesh): Celebrating 10 years of strong and successful partnership

Kazi Agro Ltd. and Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition are celebrating 10 years of partnership and friendship. Both companies are pleased with the success of their teamwork, which spans a decade. The 10 years of collaboration and the bright future of the people of Bangladesh featured in discussions with key leaders of the Bangladeshi feed industry. The poultry industry is the second largest commercial sector in the country, a fact that underlines the importance of the partnership.

Both partners were honoured by the presence of Ms R.K. Sokolowski, Attaché, Development Cooperation and Economic Section at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, and Mr Shamsul Arefin Khaled, Director of Nourish and current President of WPSA, Bangladesh branch, whose address was particularly well-received.

“Fantastic and inspiring for all of us,” declared Dr Sayed, Managing Director of Kazi Agro Ltd.

“Today we look back on 10 years of successful friendship and collaboration,” said Dr Bernhard Eckel. “We are lucky to have found each other. We are very honoured that, together with Kazi Agro, we have served and will continue serving the poultry industry of Bangladesh and, consequently, the people of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.”

After these brief reminiscences of the origins and achievements of the partnership, Bernhard Eckel and Andreas Lewke (Director Asia) presented Kazi Sayed with a plaque commemorating the anniversary.

A delightful dinner and inspiring conversation among the guests and employees of Kazi Agro and Dr. Eckel contributed to the success of the evening, which went on well into the night. Dr. Eckel looks forward to many more years’ trustful partnership with Kazi Agro Ltd., serving the Bangladeshi feed industry.