Andrea Dietrich: A passion for communication

Be it written or oral, communication is in her blood. Andrea Dietrich (picture above, on the right) spent several years as an editor of popular non-fiction books at Campus Verlag GmbH in Frankfurt, ensuring excellent text and clear and comprehensible messages. She holds a master’s degree in book studies, history and English philology from Mainz University, and became a lifelong Scotland fan while studying in Edinburgh. She is now Communications and PR Manager in the marketing team at Dr. Eckel, and is responsible for editing, polishing and refining text, as well as organising events.

“Andrea Dietrich brings with her many years’ experience working with text, and a fresh perspective from an altogether different industry. Our communications will be clearer and more appealing in future,” asserted Anne-Kathrin Blässe (picture above, on the left), Marketing Team Manager. “Now, we also have a single point of contact for customer and other events.”