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The concept of accepting global responsibility has always been deeply entrenched in what we do and is a huge part of our company culture.

We are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals of the FAO and the United Nations, and the European Union’s Climate Targets. Our commitment to sustainable global nutrition, responsible consumption and sustainable production is constantly leading us to innovative solutions to improve animal nutrition and secure your success into the future.

We love digitalisation. At Dr. Eckel, the majority of our business processes, from invoicing to document administration and modern project management, are now completely digital.

We act local and think global. What we do on a day-to-day basis establishes sustainable social and ecological conditions across our sites. Our products are sold all over the world, have a global impact and underpin the sustainable transformation of our industry.

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Phytogenics that deliver what they promise: improved animal welfare, healthier and safer products for consumers and higher productivity for farmers. We provide the most important additives.

Animal welfare

Whether in livestock farming or aquaculture, improving animal welfare sustainably and efficiently is one of the challenges of modern animal production and a demand expressed by retailers and consumers.

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