Plant-based additives

The key to optimum results

Phytogenic feed additives from Dr. Eckel

A natural solution

Phytogenic feed additives are the economical and sustainable solution to successful livestock nutrition and offer a range of benefits.
Their holistic, multimodal effect gives them versatility in a wide range of livestock feed applications and effectiveness in improving health, well-being and performance. Phytogenics can be used at any stage of the production process and have been proven to support gut health, reduce stress, improve feed intake and make a contribution to the reduction of antibiotics and resistances worldwide.


What’s happening in the industry: The lowdown on the main issues

News & Trends

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Sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips. But how can producers implement and capitalise on it? Read more about Dr. Eckel’s contribution to sustainability and how we can help you.

Animal welfare

Whether in livestock farming or aquaculture, improving animal welfare sustainably and efficiently is one of the challenges of modern animal production and a demand expressed by retailers and consumers.

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