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Feed additives strike a balance between animal welfare, resource conservation and profitability

Farmers, breeders and producers face huge challenges if they wish to increase yield and optimise their operating costs while conserving resources, reducing emissions and ensuring that their animals are healthy.

Between the regulations, the various trends and the reality on the ground, the main focus remains on animal safety and future-proofing operations. And feeding is central to this.

Our innovative, phytogenic feed additives help you and your customers naturally improve animal health and performance, preserve resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips. But how can producers implement and capitalise on it? Read more about Dr. Eckel’s contribution to sustainability and how we can help you.


Phytogenics that deliver what they promise: improved animal welfare, healthier and safer products for consumers and higher productivity for farmers. We provide the most important additives.

Animal welfare

Whether in livestock farming or aquaculture, improving animal welfare sustainably and efficiently is one of the challenges of modern animal production and a demand expressed by retailers and consumers.

The effect of phytogenic feed additives

Benefits at a glance

Feeding is one of the most critical elements in livestock production. Phytogenic feed additives are really promising because they bring out the best in the feed, making for healthier, more sustainable and more profitable production, reduced emissions and environmental impact, and improved animal welfare.
Their natural active ingredients mean they help to improve growth, thus reducing the need for animal feed to promote the production of animal protein. Phytogenic feed additives can also have a positive effect on animal digestion, which in turn helps reduce waste excretions. The plant-based active ingredients also boost the animals’ immune system, thus improving their well-being, resilience and resistance to stress.

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