Virtual conference a resounding success

Dr. Eckel presented new results at the first digital BAT conference

The Bayerischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft Tierernährung e.V.’s (Bavarian Animal Nutrition Working Group) annual Consultants’ Conference, held in autumn, is one of the industry’s leading specialist conferences. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the organisers faced the challenge of enabling the lively discussion, which is typical of the conference, in the virtual world. And they succeeded in achieving this with the first digital BAT online conference, as the Dr. Eckel team led by Dr Sven Brenner (Team Manager Sales Northwest Europe), which, as always, presented the latest test results at the conference, confirmed. “The combination of lectures and small moderated thematic groups worked very well in the digital environment,” said Iris Kröger, PhD, Technical Sales Manager at Dr. Eckel. “It was apparent that a lot of preparation had gone into it and you consistently felt that you were really participating.”

Once again, Dr. Eckel was one of the sponsors of the conference and presented current test results. This year, the presentations took the form of short video pitches. The respective experts were then available to answer any questions in a plenary session. Technical Sales Manager Anne Möddel presented conclusive evidence of the benefits of the phytogenic additive Anta®Phyt due to its impact on potentially pathogenic bacteria, as compared to antibiotics, and medium-chain fatty acids in pigs. Iris Kröger, another member of the team, illustrated the great potential of nutrient reduction, phosphorus in particular, which can be achieved through the correct application of Quantum Blue (AB Vista), a high-performance phytase.

Our compliments for the outstanding organisation of this BAT conference and heartfelt thanks for the successful event.