SMEs pitch in

Dr. Eckel, a long-established family business, is firmly rooted in the Ahreifel region and the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. We are proud that our small federal state is so well-positioned economically and is so capable of keeping up with larger federal states such as Bavaria and Lower Saxony in terms of value creation. Because we know that it is the small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in particular that contribute largely to this economic success. Companies like us.

We were therefore particularly pleased to welcome State Secretary of the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Economic Affairs Daniela Schmitt to our offices on 17 July. While touring our administration and production facility, Daniela Schmitt and Ralph Schleimer from the Ministry’s Industry Unit, were keen to learn how a modern aquaculture facility works. The subsequent panel discussion attended by State Secretary Schmitt, Dr. Eckel employees and Arne Rössel, Managing Director of the Koblenz Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), was a relaxed and open affair. The panel discussed the challenges and opportunities for SMEs in the future economic environment.

“Based in Rhineland-Palatinate, successful in global markets—this is a very defining characteristic of our domestic companies,” stressed the State Secretary. “Our federal state owes its export quota of 55 per cent to agile medium-sized companies that invest heavily in research and development. In this day and age, it is particularly important for companies to be flexible in reacting to developments in the global economy and to repeatedly assert themselves in the global competition. Our SMEs are particularly successful at this.”

The State Secretary further emphasised that, being a federal state of SMEs, Rhineland-Palatinate makes specific provision for SMEs in its economic policy. Above all, investment in research and development must be promoted further, also so that companies can take advantage of the opportunities afforded by digital transformation. In Daniela Schmitt’s experience, the digital industry is particularly interested in establishing contact with companies in other industries. “I am certain that there is a lot more potential in this federal state,” said Schmitt.

We thank Daniela Schmitt, Ralph Schleimer and Arne Rössel for their visit, the fruitful discussion and the positive conclusion, and we look forward to continuing to meet the challenges of a global economy boldly, with our pioneering spirit and an eye to the future.