Reaching new heights

Dr. Eckel has gained an excellent researcher in Dženan Hozic (picture above, on the left). The young biotechnologist thrives on both professional and personal challenges. Dženan Hozic, who hails from Bosnia and Herzegovina, holds a degree in biotechnology and food technology, and a master’s in chemical and bioprocess engineering. His career took him to Saudi Arabia, where he worked on a bioprocesses research project at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. He constantly reaches new heights personally too: the passionate climber loves mountains, organises climbing events and involves himself in environmental initiatives.

As a member of the product development team, he will employ his innovation skills and expertise in the development of new products and production processes at Dr. Eckel.

“An innovator such as Dženan is a great addition to the team,” says team manager Tilman Wilke (picture above, on the right) happily. “His scientific approach together with his readiness to think outside the box and to break new ground will enrich our creative work and further advance our products.”