PreAcid is a combination of organic acids and their respective salts together with an innovative prebiotic component. While the organic acids part effectively protects the proximal gastrointestinal tract by its antimicrobial mode of action, the prebiotic GlucoFence complex in PreAcid delivers highly available energy for villi growth to the small and large intestine. It therefore efficiently supports intestinal integrity and the development of a healthy gut flora.

Thanks to this unique combination, PreAcid is efficacious over the entire gastrointestinal tract and promotes nutrient adsorption as well as the immune system. The result: healthy, robust and high-performing animals. PreAcid is available in the formulations PreAcid BA and PreAcid BA Forte.

Out now: Our new PreAcid 75G—read more here. Which one is your ideal PreAcid? Contact us for advice.



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