In stressful times – such as moulting, re-housing, transportation or high temperatures –, restlessness, poor feed intake, feather pecking, nervousness and aggression seem to be constant companions in poultry flocks. Producers need immediate stress relief which can be easily applied. There is no time to waste on changing the diet: the solution comes via the drinking water.

At the first signs of unrest in the stable, animal owners can intervene on the spot and take countermeasures in time before the stress affects the animals’ well-being and performance. No feed change, no replacement: As a fine powder, MagPhyt WS is added directly to the water tank, dissolves immediately and distributes itself evenly in the water.

This means that the product can be used instantly. Once dissolved, the soothing scent of lavender fills the air while the anti-stress agents do their job. Soon the animals are visibly calmer and stress-related behaviour is significantly reduced. This is the success of MagPhyt WS: a highly effective triple complex that combines the proven effects of magnesium, vitamin C and phytogenic active ingredients such as lavender with the innovative formula for rapid solubility. MagPhyt WS contains everything that is needed to quickly calm down nervous birds in stressful situations and stabilize their condition.