Anta®Phyt combines the most important properties for healthy and profitable production in one product. Livestock producers that need a non-antibiotic solution for performance and gut-related challenges with gram-positive bacteria and their connected problems, will find in Anta®Phyt a plant-based, sustainable, reliable and profitable alternative. Anta®Phyt’s broad spectrum of activity ranges from gram-positive bacteria and gut health to optimal nutrient uptake and increased resilience, which is much more than most traditional feed additive solutions can offer.

The special combination of hops and other plant-based substances is behind this unique effectiveness. Hops, used in human nutrition for centuries, is one of the strongest bioactive substances. As an additive in livestock feeding, it can bring its full potential to the use, since it combines antimicrobial and antibacterial properties with a stimulation of the digestive system and an improvement of nutrient absorption. With just one product, livestock producers can support their animals against the major challenges of production and thus supports general health and welfare as well as ROI.

The newly adapted formula offers even more with the same dosage: Anta®Phyt NXT now contains a much higher amount of active substances and has a broader range of action.