Endotoxins can be devastating for livestock and farm profitability alike. Anta®Catch is the comprehensive solution to reduce the harmful effects of endotoxins. It was developed specifically for this purpose and has proven its effectiveness in feeding trials. The secret of Anta®Catch’s effectiveness lies in its double activation and triple mode of action.


What is a double-activated complex? In the production of Anta®Catch, we use a special process to physically activate the raw materials. Hence, by rectification of the surface charge, endotoxins are caught in a wider pH range. Micronisation additionally increases the effectiveness of the phytogenic ingredients.


Triple mode of action: Anta®Catch has a unique arsenal to catch, seal and stabilise. Anta®Catch reduces the endotoxin concentration in the digestive tract, supports the intestinal barrier with prebiotic components and protects the liver thanks to phytogenic components. This special concept is what makes Anta®Catch so effective.