PreAcid 75G

Profitable and healthy animal production starts with the development and maintenance of a healthy gut. Butyric acid – either supplemented or endogenous – is particularly beneficial and has many positive effects on gut health that help the animal to perform well. For its full potential it has to reach the target site in the digestive

RumenProtect Lactation

RumenProtect Lactation RumenProtect Lactation is a highly efficient multi-purpose solution that assures an optimal rumen metabolism and prevents the most important disorders during lactation. It boosts energy intake by providing additional propionic acid and reduces the negative energy balance and the development of ketosis. RumenProtect Lactation provides rumen protected niacin and choline chloride. This serves to regulate the accumulation


RumenStabiliser The RumenStabiliser concept is based on a special blend of organic acids containing malic acid and the Anta® MgF 100 complex as well as some buffering substances to optimise rumen fermentation. Malic acid and the Anta® MgF 100 complex facilitate the transformation of lactic acid into rapidly absorbable propionic acid by stimulating the growth of


CaPlus The development of the CaPlus Concept provides highly effective blends of organic acids and their salts for animal nutrition. The CaPlus products combine formic, lactic and citric acid also with other selected acids, in some cases microencapsulated. Because CaPlus provides highly available organic calcium, it is possible to formulate diets with lower acid binding capacity,


PreAcid PreAcid is a combination of organic acids and their respective salts together with an innovative prebiotic component. While the organic acids part effectively protects the proximal gastrointestinal tract by its antimicrobial mode of action, the prebiotic GlucoFence complex in PreAcid delivers highly available energy for villi growth to the small and large intestine. It


Anta®Mix Anta®Mix is a highly effective blend of organic acids comprising formic and lactic acid and a microencapsulated component. The acidifier blend was developed to ensure the best possible balance between the different properties of the respective acids. Formic acid lowers pH and has a high efficacy against Salmonella. Lactic acid is effective against E.