Anta®Ox Aqua

Anta® Ox Aqua Anta® Ox Aqua is based on flavonoid-rich phytogenic materials. The selected formulation of flavonoids with its specially optimised particle design creates synergistic effects with various benefits. Anta® Ox Aqua is the natural way of performance enhancement and support against inflammation.   Anta® Ox Aqua: Excellent by nature  

MagPhyt WS

In stressful times – such as moulting, re-housing, transportation or high temperatures –, restlessness, poor feed intake, feather pecking, nervousness and aggression seem to be constant companions in poultry flocks. Producers need immediate stress relief which can be easily applied. There is no time to waste on changing the diet: the solution comes via the


African Swine Fever has proven the biggest threat to swine industry in recent years and causes devastating losses to the whole industry. For your feed, choose the protection that is best for safe animals, safe food and a safe environment. Dr. Eckel’s Anta®Shield is an all-natural, non-chemical feed formulation based on highly effective phytogenics. It


MagPhyt MagPhyt was specifically designed for pigs and piglets to achieve stress-relief and thereby supporting animal welfare. This shall help the animals to cope with stressful conditions and to avoid behavioral problems like tail biting. The product combines the calming effect of selected components of the hop plant with the best bioavailable forms of the


Anta®Top Anta®Top is a combination of yeast cell walls from specific strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, natural plant extracts, herbs, organic acids and their salts. The feed additive is rich in Mannan oligosaccharides and ß-Glucans in its carbohydrate fraction and combines the mode of action of organic acids with a prebiotic component. The product was specially


Anta®Phyt Anta®Phyt is a very effective flavouring premix for all animal species which is appetizing and boosts feed intake. The phytogenic ingredients from hops, liquorice and arabic gum support a healthy gut flora and have antibacterial effects – especially against gram positive bacteria. In addition to the emulsifying and mucosa-protecting effects of the plant compounds,


Anta®Fresh Respiratory diseases are a well-known and widespread problem in animal husbandry, in poultry as well as in pigs and calves. Anta®Fresh was specifically developed to support and maintain a normal lung function and to prevent respiratory problems. Anta®Fresh contains a highly efficient complex of essential oils and plant extracts. The innovative soft-shell manufacturing process