Portrait of a pioneer: Sven Brenner

Innovation requires pioneers: people with knowledge, good ideas, the boldness to break new ground and also great sensitivity to people and the environment. Our employees constantly work to achieve the best for our customers, applying their experience, excellence and commitment. Featured today: Sven Brenner, Team Manager Sales Northwest Europe.

Sven Brenner, who holds a doctorate in agricultural engineering, is responsible for customer care in German-speaking regions and in all Northwestern Europe, from Scandinavia and Great Britain to Austria and Switzerland. He specialised in animal nutrition while reading agricultural science at the University of Bonn. After obtaining his doctorate, he spent a few years as a research assistant at the Faculty of Agriculture before deciding to move into the industry. He subsequently worked for various manufacturers of additives, both nationally and internationally, before returning to the Rhine and Dr. Eckel in 2014. He initially joined the DACH sales team as Sales Engineer for Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and became Team Manager Sales Northwest Europe in 2018.

Thus, he can optimally bring his many years of industry experience to bear at Dr. Eckel and indulge in his passion for travel. In his free time, Sven enjoys the great outdoors, on foot or on a sailing boat. Apart from German and Kölsch (the Cologne dialect), he speaks English and some Spanish. His secret to successful customer relationships? Expert advice, listening carefully and a dash of Rhenish optimism.