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6What was ‘new’ about Dr. Eckel back then?

Dr. Eckel has focused on developing alternative solutions and pursuing ideas that others could not conceive of from the outset. When Dr. Eckel was established in 1994, antibiotic growth promoters were indispensable to animal production. We thought ahead: our approach, which involved re-inventing animal nutrition and providing solutions without antibiotics, was new and outrageous. Today, it is standard.

4Why is the foreign branch office in Thailand of all places?

We decided in favour of Thailand for a number of reasons. First of all, the Asia–Pacific region accounts for more than a third of world animal feed production. Thailand is also a major hub between Europe and Asia, and has an excellent infrastructure. The people are open and very well educated, which of course facilitates market entry. We enjoy collaborating with Thai universities in various fields: a case in point is shrimp breeding, in which Thailand is the world leader. And finally, the Thai government supports innovative foreign companies, such as Dr. Eckel, that establish an office in Thailand.

3What has Dr. Eckel to do with animal welfare?

We have had animal welfare in our sights ever since the company was established 25 years ago, when we felt the need to provide alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters. Dr. Eckel is one of the first companies ever to produce feed additives that have been specifically developed to improve animal welfare sustainably and reduce the use of medication in agriculture. The right feed additives are critical in achieving animal-friendly, sustainable production. They can help reduce stress, prevent inflammation and use resources more efficiently.

2Where does Dr. Eckel manufacture its products?

All Dr. Eckel products are made in Germany. We started operating our own production facility at our headquarters in Niederzissen, Germany, 10 years ago. We have manufactured and shipped our products all over the world from Niederzissen ever since. Our location in close proximity to motorways, airports, the railway network and waterways is especially convenient for this.

1What was Dr. Eckel’s first product?

The first product we developed entirely ourselves was Anta®Ferm, a mycotoxin binder. There is great demand for this product, especially in southern countries, since more than a quarter of the world’s harvests are still contaminated with mycotoxins. Anta®Ferm binds harmful mycotoxins in the feed without affecting the important nutrients, thus protecting the animals while supporting performance and well-being.