New Head of Global Sales for Dr. Eckel

To increase the uptake of innovative phytogenic additives internationally is the goal Dr Alexey Dronov has set himself as the new Head of Global Sales. The 46-year-old brings with him more than 15 years of experience in sales in the animal health sector.

Dr Dronov will focus specifically on the phytogenic product solutions. Alongside managing the global sales team boasting members from eight nationalities spread across five continents, he considers his primary duty to be the strengthening and expansion of the company’s position on the international market. And the doctor of veterinary medicine is well suited for this purpose: he possesses years of experience, critical intercultural skills, plenty of resilience, the ability to work well under pressure and, not least, a great passion for animal health. Before joining Dr. Eckel, Alexey Dronov held various sales positions at EW Nutrition and the PHW Group.

“I am firmly convinced that you have to try unusual things and take risks,” says Dr Dronov. “Only those who accept the possibility of failure are capable of success. It is precisely this willingness to change, this pioneering spirit that is so alive and well here at Dr. Eckel, that makes me feel at home.” And what is it that Alexey Dronov finds most exciting about his new role? “Dr. Eckel has a highly qualified, agile team and innovative products, which enables the company to contribute significantly towards improving animal welfare and performance in livestock farming. We will continue expanding this potential globally, particularly in the poultry and pig sectors. It’s an exciting role and one I’m really looking forward to.”

Alexey Dronov was born in Omsk in 1976 and studied veterinary medicine at the Omsk State Agrarian University. He earned his doctorate at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover, where he also lectured for a time. He launched his career at Heel, a pharmaceutical company, before switching to animal health and holding positions at Lohmann Animal Health, EW Nutrition, Vaxxinova and LOHMANN Breeders, among others. He has since become a father. In his free time, he enjoys hunting and training hunting dogs.