Respiratory diseases

Prevention with Anta®Fresh

Natural strengthening of the airways helps to reduce medication costs

The economic relevance of respiratory disease in animal production is well known. Cost factors include increased mortality, decreased weight gain, reduced feed conversion and inhomogeneous animals. The monetary impact resulting from productivity loss in swine production can reach up to 13,00 Euro per pig. Bovine respiratory disease syndrome, the resulting veterinary treatments and negative implications for health and performance in beef cattle can lower the net revenue per animal by 35 % or more in feed lot operations.

Maintaining a healthy respiratory function is therefore key for the economic success of production. Anta®Fresh, the powerful plant-based product from Dr. Eckel, can aid you in this goal. It supports the animals’ immune system and airways and increases general resilience.

Clean-up in the lung – What happens?

Due to its mucoactive properties Anta®Fresh supports the normal cleaning function of the ciliated lung epithelium. Essential oils in Anta®Fresh stimulate receptors in the digestive tract, thereby promoting mucus secretion and liquefication in the lungs. This ensures that mucus is coughed up more easily. In doing so, it helps to transport dust particles and pathogens out of the lungs (figure 1). This reduces the risk of recurrent respiratory infections, noticeably relieving the animal’s organism.

Fig. 1: Anta®Fresh increases mucus production (b), liquefies the mucus (c), and stimulates the cough reflex, removing dust and pathogens from the airways (d)

Anta®Fresh helps saving money

Because Anta®Fresh gives you a valuable tool to prevent respiratory trouble, there is less need for a cure. Practical experience shows that the consumption of medication like antibiotics can be reduced by up to 50 per cent if Anta®Fresh is used in a timely manner (figure 2).

Fig. 2: Reduce medication with Anta®Fresh

This means lower costs for the farmer and less strain for the animal and the environment. An important step in the direction of improved animal welfare and more sustainability in animal production.

Want to find out how you can use Anta®Fresh to help reduce medication use? Reach out to our expert.

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