Anta®Ferm MT 80

Better performance and better feed conversion

Mycotoxins: price increases force us to act

In view of raw material shortages and extreme price increases, we cannot tolerate poor nutrient content in raw materials and inadequate feed conversion. Mycotoxins should not be ignored as a possible cause of performance loss and poor feed conversion, especially during the rainy season, when higher rainfall leads to an increased spread of mycotoxins.

Dr. Eckel’s mycotoxin binder Anta®Ferm MT 80 is the solution of choice for both animal and farm when it comes to mycotoxin damage. This is because Anta®Ferm MT 80 improves performance and feed efficiency while being more effective than other products, as the latest results demonstrate.

Improved performance and feed conversion with Anta®Ferm MT 80

In a trial with broilers, Anta®Ferm MT 80 was tested against Product 1 (yeast-based, dosage: 1 kg/t) and Product 2 (clay-mineral–based, dosage: 2 kg/t) over a period of 36 days. As opposed to these products, Anta®Ferm is an activated, multifunctional complex of organic and inorganic binding components. The feed for the negative control (NC) contained no mycotoxin binders.

The feed for all the experimental groups was contaminated naturally with all problematic mycotoxins (Table 1).

Table 1: Mycotoxin levels in naturally contaminated feed

Mycotoxin Feed contamination [ppb] [ppb]
T-2 170,0
Deoxynivalenol 270,0
Aflatoxin 5,0
Zearalenone 27,0
Ochratoxin A 23,0
Fumonisin 1.700,0

The results showed that broilers fed Anta®Ferm MT 80 achieved by far the best gain and feed conversion (Figure 1). These were even significantly better results than those for Product 2, despite the fact that a double dosage of the latter was applied.

Figure 1: Performance parameters of the broilers over the entire trial period

The increase was greater in the Anta®Ferm MT 80 group than in all three comparison groups (NC: +8.0%; Product 1: +5.4%; Product 2: +2.4%). Similarly, feed conversion (FCR) was visibly improved by 9%, 3% and 2% in the Anta®Ferm MT 80 group as compared to the NC, Product 1 and Product 2 groups respectively.

The results show that Anta®Ferm MT 80 significantly improves performance and feed efficiency when feed contaminated with mycotoxins is used. Anta®Ferm MT 80 is significantly more effective than other commercially available products.

Consequently, Anta®Ferm MT 80 is the right choice to effectively counteract both the increasing incidence of mycotoxins and the current challenges of the feed market.

Do you have questions about how to successfully apply Anta®Ferm MT 80? We’d be pleased to help you.

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