Mycotoxins: Don’t complain – take action

Typically, mycotoxins in feed mainly occur in warmer regions. However, as a result of rising temperatures, they are also increasingly appearing in feed analyses in temperate latitudes (EFSA, 2017). Additionally, the current scarcity of raw materials is leading to an increase in the competition for food supplies, increasing the risk that feed of lower quality is used. This means that in future, feedstuffs contaminated with mycotoxins will also increasingly find their way into animal feed, bringing about further consequences, namely because mycotoxin-contaminated feed leads to a reduced feed conversion rate of up to 25% in addition to a number of health disorders in animals. Nobody can afford this, least of all now.

When looking for the right mycotoxin binder, it is therefore important to choose wisely, in good time, because animals should be reliably protected against all major mycotoxins. Among the many products available on the market, Anta®Ferm MT 80, Dr. Eckel’s mycotoxin binder, is an excellent choice. The latest results show that Anta®Ferm MT 80 is a real all-rounder and amazingly effective against the major mycotoxins.


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Lab results demonstrate that Anta®Ferm MT 80 is particularly effective

A laboratory trial investigated the sorption capacity of Anta®Ferm MT 80 by means of HPLC-MS. For this purpose, separate test solutions of aflatoxin B1 and ochratoxin A (OTA), each at a density of 0.2 µg/cm3, and of zearalenone (ZEN), T-2 mycotoxin and fumonisin B1 (FUM), each at a density of 1 µg/cm3, were prepared. The test solutions were then mixed with 100 mg of Anta®Ferm MT 80 or, in the case of the controls, without a mycotoxin binder, and centrifuged. After analysing all test solutions by means of HPLC-MS, the control samples were compared with the Anta®Ferm MT 80 samples to calculate the percentage sorption capacity of Anta®Ferm MT 80. The results show that Anta®Ferm MT 80 has an excellent effectiveness of over 91% against all mycotoxins tested (Table 1).


Table 1: Sorption of mycotoxins by Anta®Ferm MT 80

Mycotoxins Sorption by Anta®Ferm MT 80 [%]

T-2 mycotoxin


ZEN 99
OTA 99
FUM 99
Aflatoxin 100


The results were then compared with the sorption capacity of the various mycotoxin binders available on the market, including pure clay minerals (C and K), pure yeast products (D), as well as more complex products combining both raw materials (F, G and J). Some binders additionally contained algae (E, H and I) or acids (A). Binder B comprised an enzyme and clay minerals. Anta®Ferm MT 80 also performed very well in comparison with these competing products (Fig. 1).

Figure 1: Comparison of the results with competing products


The results show that Anta®Ferm MT 80 has a very high effectiveness against major mycotoxins. Indeed, Anta®Ferm MT 80 is more effective than many other commercially available products. This can be attributed to the careful selection of raw materials, the effective combination of yeast cell membranes and clay minerals, as well as the effective activation of Anta®Ferm MT 80. The new in vitro results underline previous in vivo studies, which had also demonstrated the high effectiveness of Anta®Ferm MT 80 on feed conversion and performance.

Consequently, Anta®Ferm MT 80 is the right choice to effectively counteract both the increasing incidence of mycotoxins and the current challenges of the feed market.

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