MoldCid protects the value of your feed

The post-harvest period involves collecting a crop at the time and place of harvest and ultimately transporting it to the place of consumption at the required time, ideally with minimal loss and maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, post-harvest losses are common, especially during the rainy season, and cost a lot of money and resources. Preventive measures are recommended to avoid nutrient losses and mycotoxin contamination due to mouldy feeds. MoldCid minimises microbial spoilage from the time of harvest to the final use of the material.

Good reasons for using MoldCid

Moulds in feed constitute a serious economic problem because they consume the main nutrients and affect the feed’s palatability. Nutrient loss caused by moulds can occur in magnitudes of up to 10%. In particular, mould growth negatively affects the crude fat content of grains in storage, even more than it does the protein and carbohydrate content. Losses in metabolisable energy from maize may even reach 25%, necessitating the use of additional costly sources of energy, such as fat and oil, in the formulation. The higher moisture content during the rainy season increases the risk of spoilage. Using MoldCid to inhibit mould therefore saves money and resources.

See how MoldCid is even better at controlling mould and bacterial growth in a wheat, soybean and barley mixture with a moisture content of 17% than a positive control (figure 1). The mould count stayed well below orientation and critical levels.

Fig. 1: MoldCid controls mould and bacterial growth in feed


Do not forget your employees

Protecting both employees and equipment is an important criterion to consider when evaluating mould inhibitors. Opting for non-corrosive MoldCid, a unique blend of buffered propionic acid on a special carrier and propionic acid salts, is indeed the right choice. MoldCid is easy to handle and avoids chemical reactions between the acid and other ingredients in the feed. It guarantees reliable and effective preservation of grain and other raw materials during the harvest, in the feed mill and on the farm.

Protect your feed now

Contribute to the production of healthy food by improving feed hygiene and protecting your grain and feed with MoldCid. Reducing mould-induced losses and preventing mycotoxin build-up help save raw materials, minimise costs and increase efficiency in food production. Contact us for more information.

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