Introducing Dr. Eckel’s new pioneers

Dr. Eckel has established a new management team as part of its innovation strategy and restructuring process. “Innovation requires pioneers: people with knowledge, good ideas, the boldness to break new ground and also great sensitivity to people and the environment,” says Dr Antje Eckel, who has appointed nine managers from various departments as team managers.

Tilman Wilke manages the creative talent in our Product Development. He joined Dr. Eckel on completion of his veterinary medicine studies in Leipzig in 2014, and has since conducted and managed numerous research and development projects, specifically contributing his expertise in animal health and welfare. In fact, he is our main point of contact for such matters. The father of three is familiar with the challenges of being Team Manager, going about his business with the same zest, patience and flexibility as he does fatherhood. In his free time, the native Swabian enjoys hiking through the forest and programming—always home and garden permitting.