Introducing Dr. Eckel’s new pioneers

Dr. Eckel has established a new management team as part of its innovation strategy and restructuring process. “Innovation requires pioneers: people with knowledge, good ideas, the boldness to break new ground and also great sensitivity to people and the environment,” says Dr Antje Eckel, who has appointed nine managers from various departments as team managers.

Sabine Felten is responsible for two teams. Her years of experience and seemingly inexhaustible energy and positivity make her a tower of strength for her colleagues. Sabine Felten, a qualified assistant tax advisor and accountant, has been at since Dr. Eckel 1999: the Accounts and HR Departments have been in safe and experienced hands with her as Finance and HR Team Manager since 2017. A Rhineland native, she counterbalances her hectic daily routine with long walks accompanied by her four-legged friends—she loves dogs—or by reading exhilarating psychological thrillers.