Innovating for a Sustainable Future

Improve corporate strategy

Innovation: the gateway to a sustainable future

Starting with sustainable operations, we promote digital workflows to reduce paper consumption and logistics expenses.   

We have implemented digital project management, digital document management and digital invoice workflow. And we are also taking action: We pay attention to sustainable supply chains, source 80% of raw materials from Europe to reduce emissions levels, and have a company fleet that is already 50% converted to hybrid/electric vehicles. In 2023, we will determine our carbon footprint and emissions/CO2 certification, which will allow us to optimise CO2 emissions in the future. Likewise, we will invest in a photovoltaic system. Dr Eckel's headquarters was designed from the outset according to sustainable building and site planning standards to create a sustainable environment. For example, we promote biodiversity on our company premises through near-natural orchards and flower meadows, a pond, numerous hedges and composting. 

Finally, we contribute to sustainable food production with our high-quality feed additives. The products enable an improvement in animal welfare, higher efficiency in production and a reduction in the use of medicines. In manufacturing, we focus in particular on phytogenic products made from plants and plant parts - for healthy and sustainable food production.  

Our commitment to sustainability was recently confirmed by the Sustainability Competence Audit of the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics. It certifies our achievements so far on the path towards sustainable consumption and production, reducing hunger and improving the health and well-being of the world's population.  

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