Generation Feed in the Eifel

Dr. Eckel welcomed the participants of this year’s ›Generation Feed‹ annual meeting in the glorious weather and midsummer temperatures of 19 and 20 April. This network of junior professionals in the animal feed industry has set itself the goal of networking and promoting dialogue between experts in various areas, from plant engineers, to feed-additive manufacturers and to animal nutritionists, at an early stage. The dynamic mix of industry, animal nutrition and research experts creates a communicative environment in which complex issues throughout the production chain can be considered.

On the eve of the meeting, the group gathered at the Vulkan brewery in Mendig to get to know each other and to network while tasting the hop and malt flavours of the various beer products in the traditional brewery’s cellars.

Friday was then devoted entirely to technology. In addition to lectures on developments in the manufacture of aquaculture feed and a look at the challenges encountered in the industry, the participants were particularly enthused about the extensive tour of Dr. Eckel’s production and aquaculture facility. A lively discussion developed as they proceeded from silo filling to bagging, control and the shrimp breeding tanks, and continued over a relaxed lunch.

Dr. Eckel would like to thank all the participants and the IFF organisers for the great atmosphere, valuable discussions and successful visit.