Animal welfare starts with the feed

Today, improving animal welfare efficiently has become more important than ever for livestock farmers. Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition is one of the first companies ever to develop products and solutions that are tailored to the animals’ needs and promote their welfare in a number of ways. Farmers and feed manufacturers alike benefit from this.

Feeding is an important aspect of animal welfare

Be it poultry, beef, pork, fish or shellfish, one of the major challenges of modern animal husbandry across the globe is the sustainable, efficient improvement of animal welfare. This term refers to a number of factors that indicate improvement in animal welfare, including barn climate, behaviour, health and hygiene. These are broadly based on the Five Freedoms developed by the UK Farm Animal Welfare Council: 1. Freedom from hunger and thirst; 2. Freedom from discomfort; 3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease; 4. Freedom to express normal behaviour; 5. Freedom from fear and distress. All these factors are closely related to a very important aspect of animal husbandry: feeding.

Feed additives can achieve a lot

Needs-based feeding is one of the main prerequisites for animal-friendly husbandry and healthy animals. Feed additives in particular can have a positive impact on critical animal welfare indicators. Dr. Eckel is one of the first companies ever to produce feed additives that have been specifically developed to improve animal welfare sustainably and promote the implementation of various animal welfare measures. The tailor-made products of the industry pioneer that has led in the development of alternatives to antibiotics right from the start enhance the well-being and health of animals, starting with feeding. The additives, for instance, promote the animal’s own immune system or gastrointestinal health. This is not only beneficial to food intake, it also improves faeces consistency and consequently litter quality, barn hygiene and footpad health. Other plant extracts have a calming effect on stressed animals, reducing stress-related behaviour such as tail biting and feather pecking. Essential oils promote lung function. Ultimately, this will reduce the use of medication, particularly antibiotics. Feed additives make animals stronger, help increase their vitality and enhance their well-being. This enables them to cope better with the daily challenges of life.

Animal welfare pays off—for all

With these product solutions, Dr. Eckel demonstrates that animal welfare pays off for all. Feed manufacturers acquire high-quality additives that meet the special requirements of modern feeding strategies. This enables them to provide their customers with effective solutions for improving animal welfare. Producers, breeders and farmers benefit from their animals’ stronger general condition and better performance. The result: increased efficiency and sustainability. And the animals themselves present fewer stress-related symptoms, fewer inflammations, a better immune system and improvement in their well-being. That is how animal welfare starts with the feed.


About Dr. Eckel

Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading international suppliers of modern feed additives and solutions that improve animal nutrition. Top products as well as targeted research and development make the company a preferred partner in the animal feed industry and agriculture. Its portfolio includes its own high-quality products as well as select products from international manufacturers. Since its inception nearly 25 years ago, the company has successfully developed dynamic and innovative solutions for animal nutrition. Innovative feed additives, which uniquely address animal welfare, efficiency and sustainability make Dr. Eckel a pioneer of global animal nutrition. The creative solutions are specifically developed for the needs of feed manufacturers and livestock and aquaculture farmers, and promote healthy animals, profitable production and long-term responsibility.



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