MagPhyt WS

Two sources of Mg with vitamin C and lavender

Faster than the speed of stress

We all know that feeling of opening the barn door in the morning and hearing this one, very particular sound, seeing this typical behaviour and immediately knowing what’s going on. The animals become restless and stress levels rise, possibly throwing the entire herd into turmoil. And that is not all. Stress and restlessness bring about feather pecking and other behavioural problems, with inevitable consequences: scratches, lesions and injuries, which in turn lead to higher mortality, lower carcass quality and other problems, ultimately putting the success of several weeks’ work at stake.

It is not long before the gentle scent of lavender fills the air. The animals are given a natural anti-stress complex directly in their drinking water. It acts very quickly: within just a day, stress levels are visibly down, preventing injury and a loss in performance. A single product gives farmers all they need to keep their livestock calm and from getting too restless. It contains two highly bioavailable sources of magnesium (Mg citrate and Mg glycinate) combined with vitamin C and lavender to further reduce stress, and an innovative formula for fast solubility.

This is MagPhyt WS.

Simply add it to the drinking water

There are countless stressors, including rehousing, transport, moulting and high temperatures. Often, the first sign of stress is restlessness in the barn. Livestock farmers need to act fast before the stress has an impact on the animals’ well-being and performance. They need something that acts quickly and easily. There is no time for a feed change, so the ideal solution is through the drinking water. MagPhyt WS requires no feed change or replacement. It is a fine powder that is applied directly in the premixing tank, dissolves immediately and distributes evenly in the water, which means that it can be used immediately. Once dissolved, the calming scent of lavender permeates the barn while the anti-stress ingredients do their job. Soon, the animals are visibly calmer and any stress-related behaviour is significantly reduced. This is all due to MagPhyt WS, a highly effective triple complex that combines the proven effects of magnesium, vitamin C and phytogenic active ingredients such as lavender with an innovative formula for fast solubility. MagPhyt WS contains everything needed to quickly calm nervous birds in times of stress and stabilise their condition.

Product innovation

MagPhyt WS is the latest innovation in our anti-stress portfolio. It was developed specifically for use in watering systems for livestock to give farmers and producers the opportunity to take quick action to actively prevent and counteract stress. MagPhyt WS is a herbal compound containing lavender, a component that specifically counteracts stress. It also contains the best sources of magnesium, producing a natural anti-stress complex that reduces stress-related behaviour and injuries quickly and reliably.

What can MagPhyt WS do for you? We’d be pleased to help you.

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