Education. Science. Innovation: The Stifterverband (Donor’s Association) awards its label “Innovative through Research” to Dr. Eckel GmbH

Dr. Eckel is one of the first companies in the animal nutrition sector awarded the label “Innovative through Research“ by the Stifterverband (Donor’s Association). The Stifterverband recognizes Dr. Eckel’s activities to promote the efficacy of their products, and ongoing comprehensive evaluation of the physiological processes in animals. The Dr. Eckel team regularly publishes trial results in numerous scientific publications and specialised media. Every year, Dr. Eckel conducts feeding trials either in the company’s in-house aquarium trial unit or in close cooperation with scientific research stations and renowned universities in Germany and worldwide.

“Research and Development are given a very high priority”, stresses Dr. Bernhard Eckel, responsible for the R&D team of Dr. Eckel. Since the company was established, we have always been known for innovative solutions, our pioneering spirit, responsible handling of natural resources as well as the excellent quality of our products. To meet these requirements, we focus particularly on research and development.”

The Stifterverband is a joint initiative of companies and associations that holistically advises, integrates and supports education, science and innovation.