Dr. Eckel pays tribute to employee of long standing

Steadfastly loyal to the company for 25 years

It is with good reason that Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition once again paid tribute to an employee: this summer, Elisabeth Holl celebrated her 25 years of service. The Niederzissen family business, which was established by Dr Antje Eckel in 1994, considers itself fortunate to have a good number of employees of long standing in its international team, some for more than 20 years.

Dr Elisabeth Holl, an agricultural engineer and agronomist, joined Dr. Eckel shortly after earning her doctorate and initially worked in sales. Antje Eckel recalls that, “Then, she already had an impressive volume of knowledge, and not only in her particular field. You can talk to her about anything, be it literature, sport, gardening or fine wines. She knows practically everything.” Meanwhile, she has been an integral part of the Technical Sales team for many years. Both her expertise and her unflagging commitment to sharing her knowledge make her a major point of contact for anything related to the company. And not only in the case of new employees.

What is it that Antje Eckel especially values in her employee of long standing? “Elisabeth has a phenomenal memory. She has contributed to Dr. Eckel’s growth over so many years that she knows every area literally from the ground up. She simply knows everything: about our company, our products, our customers and our sector. I’m extremely grateful that Elisabeth has been steadfastly loyal to us over all these years and I’m happy to have her by our side.”

A little ceremony attended by all was held in the courtyard in front of the production facility, in brilliant summer weather. The deserving employee received an anniversary bonus as a sign of the company’s gratitude. This was followed by a celebratory lunch, which brought the occasion to a satisfying close.