Coughing: prevention rather than treatment

Respiratory infection is a common evil in livestock production, often resulting in fever and reduced feed intake. But it doesn’t have to be so: prevention is better than cure. Optimally supporting the body’s own defence can prevent respiratory infection, improving animal health and reducing medication costs.

The natural curative power of valuable ingredients

The power of the plants is impressive: it improves lung function and strengthens the animal’s natural defence system. For plant-based active ingredients to help specifically, they must be present in sufficient quantities in the animal’s body. This is only possible if the ingredients are highly effective and protected from any process-related effects. And Anta®Fresh does both. Our unique soft shell manufacturing process ensures that Anta®Fresh is particularly efficient in delivering the active ingredient. Consequently, the extracts have precisely the required effect to help the animal in the best possible manner. Additionally, Anta®Fresh has stable active ingredients and is exceptionally easy to handle: it can even be pelletised and stores well.

How Anta®Fresh works

Anta®Fresh—formerly known as AirFresh—effectively stimulates receptors in the digestive tract, thereby stimulating mucus secretion in the lungs. It improves the immune function of the lungs and ensures that mucus is coughed up more easily. This reduces the risk of recurrent respiratory infections, noticeably relieving the animal’s organism.

Numerous satisfied customers can attest to the effect of Anta®Fresh from direct experience. In practice, owing to Anta®Fresh, not even half the previously required medication is used (Fig. 1).


Fig. 1: Use of medication in piglet rearing with and without Anta®Fresh

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